Tomorrow’s Leaders

February 2007    Oakland, California

Another pearl from our hero, C.R.: I saw the US History teacher gave the kids an assignment to write a biography, I asked him how it was going. He rolled his eyes. Apparently he told the students to write a biography about a figure from US history from the start of the country to 1865 or the Civil war years, (which is the time period they have been studying for the past 19 weeks.)
Any figure at all from that time period, again let me emphasize that that is what they have been studying since the beginning of the year. Student raised his hand and asked with all seriousness, ” How about Tupac?” Jim told the kids again the parameters of the assignment, next kid raised his hand, “Well how about Michael Jackson?”
Jiim said No.

Student responds ” Why you hating on us?”

Bonus piece:

In case any of you were thinking of having little girls and were stumped for a name, here are a few names of students recently enrolled in my class.



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