Cupid Strikes Again

February 2007    Oakland, California

Our girlie C.R. teaches at a high school for juvenile delinquents outside the city. By any account, her “students” are violent, disturbed, sexually uninhibited, non-academically inclined and soon-to-be-incarcerated. She is full of stories that make you want to laugh, despair, pay your taxes and lock your doors. One day she intercepted a note between an aspiring Romeo and his lovely Juliet. Something is lost in transcribing the handwritten original to clean type, but the romantic intent comes right through:

Check this shit out, you put it out their that chu
was single, I’m single too you fill me, And I Know Dem
Well you Ainte no Dike, so stop Fake fillen yoself, I
wana be yo friend but on a sertain levle, meaning
that, I git’s ta Know you and I want chu ta gits ta
Know me,
Gemini and Sagittarius I herd wasa love match
so you tell me about it.
But anyway, I know half Deez niggas at dis school been
tryen na git on you wise, but make yo choice Wisely
cuz niggaz be out for one thing only, and you know
what that is, that dont Mean Im out fo one thing tho,
and if I was out fo one thing, It would be, 2 be with
only one lady I could trust and be reel wit even tho
that sound like a couple of things, but still. It look
like I got hella girls, but to tail you the truth I
stay to myself cuz girlz be playen games, I know I
told chu I play games, but thats the only game I’ll
play cuz I was ony playen.
But if Im still dat lilypad, and you dat frog tryen na
jump on one than let it be.

lightskinned, green eye’s, and curly hair,
AKA: Marvin

I weep for the future.


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