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Beneath the Veil

November 3, 2008

November 2008

Dubai Airport, 14-hour layover

DXB is a big, bright, ultramodern airport, neatly displaying the new wealth of this city. The people are clean and carefully dressed; a traditional white robe for the men, and all black all the way to the floor for the women, never mind the swampy 120 degree air.  Some of the women had only a narrow slit opening for the eyes, further bound by a black thread down the bridge of the nose holding this envelope tight.  They could be teenagers or grandmothers, there was no telling. (more…)


Summer in the ‘stan

September 20, 2008

August 2008     Kabul. Afghanistan

We live in a big house in the city, with 12-foot walls, razor wire, a heavy front gate, a couple of security guys and a driver, and a good cook, Fariba. She has a cooking show on local tv, and she makes me eat my vegetables. I cannnot state enough how much this place needs a woman’s touch. It is like a fraternity house, minus the beer, the girls and the music. It is functional and well-stocked, but not presentable. It is an outpost. (more…)

Put ya ass in the air like ya just don’t care!

September 20, 2008

July 2006     San Francisco

This paramedic gig is a lot of things: ugly, depressing, sad, vile, dangerous, challenging, rewarding, and an assault on all five senses at once, especially smell. Everything stinks. Sometimes, though, there is a gem like this one that makes it all worthwhile. I almost wish I saw this one myself. (more…)